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Monkee Mount saves you time, strain, money and a masseuse, whether you’re at home, at the gym or on-the-go.

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High quality materials and lifetime warranty

Easy Setup & Quick-Release Design

A Seamless, Damage-Free Attachment

*Monkee Mount is compatible with most massage guns.

“This thing is absolutely amazing. The Monkee Mount allows you to use your massage gun to get in all those deep muscles that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own.”

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Thousands of Customers Love Monkee Mount

"Monkee Mount is an essential addition to my massage gun. Fitness is about the freedom to move without limitation, run around outside and play wth my friends and do things I love... long hikes with my dog, wife, and daughter.  be out of my head, and free as we were when we were kids."

- Sam B

Massage Made Easy

Compatible with nearly all massage guns, Monkee Mount does the hard work for you. Not only are the mount and grip super strong, the rubber inserts protect walls and frames from damage. Set it up in minutes on doors or walls 4-7 inches wide.

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Squat Rack Mount

Massage sore muscles quickly in between sets at the gym with the Squat Rack Mount. Mount your massage gun to any squat rack, no matter the size or spacing.

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Created for athletes, gym enthusiasts, outdoor thrill seekers or people going through physical rehabilitation, Monkee Mount supports a whole new level of percussion massage.