Headshot of David, creator of Monkee Mount

About Us

Hi, I’m David, creator of Monkee Mount!

It all started when I worked as a personal trainer. I watched clients struggle to use their massage guns in hard-to-reach places, and noticed that it was almost impossible to dig into those muscles properly. Not only did I hate seeing my trainees in pain, but I also had my own difficulty managing massage guns alone. There had to be a better solution to kneading knots and cramps without relying on someone else.

In July of 2019, the inspiration for our massage gun holder was born! Attach Monkee Mount to any door frame or squat rack, slide the massage gun into the holster, switch it on, and let it go bananas buffing those muscles. Your back, neck and shoulders will no longer feel left out of the massage revolution!

In Octorber of 2021, Monkee Mount funded it’s manufacturing goal on Kickstarter and is in the middle of production.The team is now in the process of making the final touches to the one-of-a-kind massage gun holder for the world to see. We can’t thank you enough for checking us out and we hope we can be part of your massage therapy journey. You can help us spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.