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Squat Rack Mount

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Squat Rack Mount

Massage those hard-to-reach spots at home or in between sets at the gym thanks to Monkee Mount’s Squat Rack Mount!

No matter where your next workout is, Monkee Mount will fit with any hole size or hole spacing. It’s the perfect setup if you are a gym owner or gym user since it works with any type of squat rack.

The Squat Rack Mount is a stand-alone product that can be used without purchasing a Monkee Mount. It includes the squat rack mounting hardware as well as the holster to hold the massage gun. 

Key features include:

  • Ideal Massage Location: Get hard-to-reach relief with Monkee Mount as soon as your muscles start straining during your workout.
  • Simple Setup: Watch this easy step-by-step tutorial for installing the Squat Rack Attachment.
  • Universal Squat Rack Compatibility: It fits with any squat rack hole size or hole spacing.
  • Well-Built, Durable: Constructed with materials that will last for years to come, Monkee Mount handles up to 40 lbs of downward force.

*Please note, Monkee Mount fits all massage guns except the PurWave by PADO and the Theragun Mini. Our brand is not associated with any brand name massage guns, and a pre-order of a Monkee Mount will not include a massage gun.