Beginner's Guide to Massage Gun Use

Muscle recovery tactics have become somewhat of a fad in the fitness industry. Whether it be foam rollers, stretching, medical tape, or supplements, there’s an endless list of things people are trying. 

But one of the most popular, and arguably most popular, tactic is a massage gun session. Although these recovery tools have existed for a while, they’ve recently become more popular from new branding, celebrity endorsements, and a lot of marketing. 

If you’re a newbie to working out or muscle recovery, you may be wondering are they worth it and if so, where to begin? 

Here is a beginner’s guide to massage gun use: 

What is a massage gun?

Massage guns are handheld electronic devices that look similar to a power drill. To use a massage gun, you place the attachment on your skin and turn it on. The motor moves the attachment in either a circular or back-and-forth motion to massage your body. You can change the vibration speed of most massage guns and swap out differently-shaped attachments such as balls, ovals, or spikes to fine-tune the massage to your liking. Basically, massage guns just replicate what a massage therapist does—rubbing, compressing, and jiggling different tissues. 


Why do people use massage guns? 

People use massage guns for all different reasons such as muscle recovery after a workout, reduce soreness, increase mobility, relaxation, and more! Like regular massages, some people use them simply because they enjoy them. 


Should you get a massage gun? 

Massage gun therapy is almost as effective as getting a traditional massage but is more convenient and cost effective since you can use it anywhere at any time. If you’re someone who is active, has muscle soreness, or just enjoys a nice massage, a massage gun sounds like a great investment. And there are all different types of massage guns to cater to all your needs. 



To help enhance the benefits of a massage gun, a hands-free mount like Monkee Mount can help do the hard work for you by allowing you to stretch instead of strain, and easily add more force when you massage. If you are interested in purchasing a Monkee Mount massage gun mount to help improve your overall massage gun experience, follow this link to shop today! 

Disclaimer: This post is for general information only and is not intended to be individual training or medical advice. For questions about whether a massage gun is right for you, consult your doctor or physical therapist.